Debt has come to be the central issue of international politics but nobody seems to know what it is or how to think about it.” David Graeber.

It is time to think and act. Irreverent and imaginative, Debtonator:The Movie:

·       Brings to life the story of debt through creative, comic methods.

·       Raises awareness and understanding of debt to lift stigma and shame.

·       Engages diverse audiences in economic justice.

·       Strengthens a movement of debt resistance.

·       Provokes participation in an act of resistance that illuminates wider economic and social inequalities.

·       Contributes to the exposure of and end of the neoliberalism that is failing people everywhere.

Join our communal gesture of defiance and liberation and germinate a UK wide debt resistance movement.

Support alternative modes of money creation and regulation.

Contribute to a debate that forwards alternative financial models for society that are built on economic, environmental and social justice.

 The project aims to change the public conversation around debt through a series of cultural actions: FEATURE FILM, BANK AND EVENTS.



the moviE

Debtonator: The Movie is an intervention in our understanding of debt and call out for economic justice. Inspired by US debt resistance activists it centres on a hack into the secondary debt market raising the money to purchase £1million of distressed payday debts. We will abolish these, question their validity and forward alternative financial models.



Hoe Street Central Bank (HSCB) opens in a busy high street shop front in January 2018 in our home borough of Walthamstow, London. We need to raise the money for our literal and symbolical explosion of debt. In our own money creation project we will train and work with a local team to create and sell a Ltd edition printed series of bank notes totalling £50,000 – half going to the anti austerity causes of the characters on the notes and the other into purchasing £1million of payday/student debt.  



Hoe Street Central Bank. 



The bank will be a meeting place of debate bringing together artists and activists with theorist and policy makers. 10 events will be held between 8th Jan - 3rd Feb 2018 with topics ranging from alternative currencies and sharing economy to active approaches to cancelling debt and closing down usurious lenders.


join us

There are lots of ways to join us.

Join the mailing list to keep up to date with events, debt purchase and abolition and the films completion and screenings in 2018.

Come to the events in HSCB (Hoe Street Central Bank) in Walthamstow between 8th Jan - 3rd Feb 2018)

Exchange your £ sterling for our Debtonator currency and become part of a movement of debt resistance whilst also contributing to anti austerity causes. See some other Debtonators here.

Cultural and political actions and movements need people. If you want to get involved. Contact dan@optimisticproductions.co.uk


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Cultural and political actions and movements need people. If you want to get involved. Contact dan@optimisticproductions.co.uk

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